Professional Outsourcing Services

Our end-to-end services provide industry and technology expertise, solutions, frameworks and tooling to enable our clients to drive business agility, competitive advantage, transformation and cost efficiencies

Our Mission

To exceed our clients’ expectations by providing outstanding service, with high-quality work at competitive prices.

Our Core Services

Sales & Marketing

Customer Service

Reception Services

I.T. Services

Finance Services

Data Entry Services

Administration Services

Payroll Solutions

Our Advantage

With RK Global Access, our expertise means you can scale your organisation quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively with dedicated remote staff.

Real Quality Skilled Staff

Through our strategic recruitment methods, we are able to target and provide employees with all the skills and experience our clients need and more, regardless of how unique the task may be.

One All-Inclusive Hourly Rate

We don’t charge an array of additional fees like everyone else. We just charge one hourly rate with absolutely everything included.

Minimal Interruptions

We use an Australian renowned telco Provider and Fiber internet with a guaranteed uptime in addition to attendance bonuses to all staff so our service to you is not interrupted.

Adaptive Management

Practices Employment laws in the Philippines are very different and frustrating for foreign companies when outsourcing. Through our special employment contracts, our clients are able to freely deploy the same practices as applied in their country.

Flexible Involvement

From recruitment, training to monitoring, we can take care of it all at no extra cost or our client can get involved wherever they please.

Software Services

We have created a variety of software built for the benefit of our clients from CRMs to finance and tracking tools.

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About RK Global Access

RK Global Access is a global company, headquartered in Melbourne Australia that provides high-quality marketing, customer care and back-office support to businesses worldwide. Want proactive assistance and cost-effective highly skilled staff to help take your business to the next level?

RK Global Access was founded by Rodney Kerridge in January 2017. Having worked in Australian call centres since 2006, Rodney has performed many roles and has led various successful teams and campaigns. The building blocks were first laid when he was flown to the Philippines as a consultant to several BPO’s in which his organization had outsourced to. After years of assisting BPO’s and observing them, it was apparent that there was a huge gap in the level of service BPOs provided.

From in-effective processes to poor re-active management, an opportunity had shown itself to provide clients with the very reason why they outsourced in the first place, cost-effective, quality service for their customers. In 2016 Rodney set out to establish a BPO that provided a simplified and proactive service with a core focus on compliance and innovation.

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